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Architecture & Interior Design

Attention to the aesthetics of a house is key to turning it into your dream home.  Improving your living space through better design will uplift your daily life and profoundly affect who you are.   Better design will also increase the value of your house.  

Real Estate

Moving to a new house can have a dramatic affect on your life style. Spaces-IN specializes in assisting clients with the buying and selling process in a holistic way, focusing the financial, aesthetic and emotional needs.  

Feng Shui

In some cases, fens shui is the most efficient way of bringing positive energy to your life and the home.   We will apply ancient Chinese wisdom in a modern setting.  Simple adjustments can bring surprising results. 



“Since we had feng shui consultation 3 years ago, my husband and I have continued to strengthen our relationship. We are very happy and we thank Kyoko for the feng shui effect.”

— Y.U.

Kyoko Ito-Narcisse

Kyoko is an interior designer, certified feng shui practitioner, and a licensed real estate agent. 

She sees deep connections and synchronicity between a space and its occupants.  She is passionate about using adjustments and improvements to one's physical environment to help resolve a variety of problems in life.  She grew up in a family of architects, contractors, and Japanese plaster craftsmen, instilling in her a deep appreciation for the virtues of a well designed and meticulously crafted space.  For over 18 years, she has worked in a number of renown design firms in New York City, and designed high-end residences, luxury hotels, and state of the art offices.  Mastering the tenants of  feng shui has brought her back to her Asian cultural roots, where traditionally people see one's  land, home, and bedroom as sacred spaces that have a profound effect on an individual's overall well-being.  The design aesthetics sensibility and feg shui skills she has acquired also inform her approach to real estate transactions.  Kyoko's unique background and expertise make her an invaluable resource for her clients, whether engaged in the process of selecting a home to purchase or designing a space that is tailored to a client's needs and aspirations.


Jodel is an Architect  with over 20 years of experience in a variety of building types. 

He has spent the last twenty years in the design and building industries engaged in the execution of commercial, institutional, and residential projects of the highest design and construction quality.  I have had the great fortune of participating in the development of various projects in a wide range of scales from small custom homes to large resort complexes. Jodel spent the early years of his career in South Florida designing and building luxury residences as one of the partners in a boutique firm. Most recently, Jodel has worked for the some of the leading design firms in New York City, working on hotels, restaurants, and resort projects around the world. These experiences have allowed him to develop skills and expertise in all phases of the design process including programming, concept design construction documents and construction administration. With this background, Jodel brings a high level of creativity and professionalism to every client's project.

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