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Architecture & Interior Design

Attention to the aesthetics of a house is key to turning it into your dream home.  Improving your living space through better design will uplift your daily life.   Better design will also increase the value of your house.  

Real Estate

Moving to a new house can have a dramatic affect on your life style. Spaces-IN specializes in assisting clients with the buying and selling process in a holistic way, focusing the financial, aesthetic and emotional needs.  

Feng Shui

In some cases, fens shui is the most efficient way of bringing positive energy to your life and the home.   We will apply ancient Chinese wisdom in a modern setting.  Simple adjustments can bring surprising results. 



“Since we had feng shui consultation 3 years ago, my husband and I have continued to strengthen our relationship. We are very happy and we thank Kyoko for the feng shui effect.”

— Y.U.

Kyoko Ito-Narcisse

Kyoko possesses a multifaceted expertise as an interior designer, certified feng shui practitioner, and licensed real estate agent. With a focus on the intricate connection between spaces and their occupants, she dedicates herself to enhancing environments to uplift client’s lives. Coming from a lineage of architects, contractors, and Japanese plaster craftsmen stretching back 19 generations in Tokyo, Kyoko holds a deep respect for finely crafted spaces. With more than 18 years of experience in prestigious design firms throughout New York City, she has contributed her expertise to the development of upscale residences, luxurious hotels, and cutting-edge offices. Blending elements from Eastern and Western design traditions, Kyoko seamlessly merges the past with the present in her aesthetic approach. Leveraging her refined taste and feng shui proficiency, she approaches real estate transactions with a holistic perspective. Kyoko's unparalleled background and abilities make her an indispensable ally for clients seeking guidance in home selection or tailored space design aligned with their unique needs and aspirations.


Drawing upon over two decades of architectural experience, Jodel has honed a remarkable proficiency in crafting residential spaces that epitomize excellence. His illustrious career spanning more than twenty five years has immersed him deeply in the realms of design and construction, leaving an indelible mark on a spectrum of projects, including commercial, institutional, and most notably, residential endeavors celebrated for their unparalleled quality. From quaint custom homes to sprawling resort complexes, Jodel's portfolio showcases a diverse repertoire, each project distinguished by his unwavering commitment to precision. Commencing his journey in South Florida, Jodel made significant contributions to the realm of luxury residential design as a key partner in a boutique firm. Venturing further, he has since lent his expertise to premier design establishments in New York City, leaving his imprint on global ventures spanning hotels, dining establishments, and resort destinations. Jodel's skills, knowledge, and background extends across the entire spectrum of the design process, from initial conceptualization and programming to the meticulous execution of construction documents and oversight. Grounded in a fusion of creativity and professionalism, Jodel approaches every project with an unwavering dedication to delivering superlative results tailored to each client's vision and aspirations.

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Jodel Narcisse
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Real Estate
Kyoko Ito-Narcisse

234 Franklin Avenue, Suite 26

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